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Electricity is the backbone for many of our modern conveniences. It helps us heat and cool our homes, cook our food, and enjoy all kinds of leisure activities around the home. For businesses, electricity is usually vital for keeping all kinds of important equipment running and connected. Despite how widespread our reliance on electricity is, not many people know how to handle it, so when something goes wrong with your electrical system, it’s time to rely on the professionals.

In terms of both safety and craftsmanship, working with the Columbia electrical team from Hiller is an ideal way to handle any repairs, maintenance, or updates for your electrical system. We employ expert, licensed electricians with years of experience that know how to safely and effectively assess and resolve any issue you might be facing.

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Columbia Commercial Electrician Services

We understand that your business has many needs when it comes to electricity, and we also know that if something goes wrong, it can drastically impact your workday, productivity and even revenue. That’s why we’re proud to offer a variety of commercial services to the Columbia area.

Hiller is here for you with whatever wiring, lighting or other electrical needs you may have. From elevator repair to just installing some new exterior lighting, we are dedicated to providing you with fast and friendly service that you can trust. 

We know that your time is valuable, that’s why we’re never late. You pick a time and we’ll be there so you can get back to work, and whatever issue arises can get solved as fast as possible to not disrupt your day any further. 


Columbia Residential Electrician Services

Hiller offers a wide variety of electrical services to the Columbia area because we want to be the ones you call when you’re in need of electrical service instead of doing it yourself. DIY’ing your electrical issues or installation is  a recipe for disaster, and can cause harm to your home, your applicanances or even yourself or a family member. 

Whether you’re wanting to upgrade the technology in your home with a new smart device like a doorbell camera or home security system, or just want to install dimmer lights in your house or exterior lights for your patio, Hiller has got you covered and will be there at whatever time you choose to install or repair your devices quickly. 


Resolve Electrical Safety Concerns

While all the services we offer have their own complexities, electrical work is often the least DIY friendly. Not only is there the safety concern of handling the different electrical currents and wires that run all throughout your home, but electrical systems tend to be more tightly interwoven than other parts of your home or business. 

Flipping breakers or cutting the wrong wire might cause issues all the way on the other side of the house, and understanding which types of fixtures work with which kinds of wires and so on can take years of experience to fully understand.

Our team at Hiller puts safety first for any and all electrical jobs we handle. Don’t run the risk of overloading your new appliance or sparking wires, and don’t risk your health handling dangerous currents. Alert our professional electricians to any concerns you have as soon as they come up. Qualified electricians in Columbia will be able to assess your situation and provide a number of solutions or resolve the issue for you around the clock.


Ensure Your System Meets Your Electricity Needs

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Even in gas-powered homes, a good deal of our appliances and energy come from electrical systems. With so much of our house tied into the same grid, it’s not unusual to have times where bad wiring, overloaded breakers, or other issues can cause a dip in efficiency. That usually means a much higher energy bill or lights flickering, and in extreme cases, overloaded systems shutting down and blown fuses.

When you notice anything electrical acting up in your house, it’s time to give Hiller’s Columbia electricians a call. With a team of professional electricians on hand to help repair or upgrade your electrical systems, we can help ensure that you’re getting the most out of your home or business. 

Don’t let system strain and bad wiring keep you from enjoying the full extent of your residence. Whether you’re looking for a few extra outlets or an entire overhaul for an outdated wiring system, we’re here to help. Keep your lights on and your electronics running when you need them most with Hiller’s professional electrical repair services.


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Electrical Repairs or Replacement

For those looking to remodel or add on to their home, our team of licensed electricians can help you plan, replace outdated electrical components, and install new fixtures or wiring across a flexible range of scenarios. If you’re looking for clean, high-quality electrical installations or upgrades, we’ve got you covered. Hiller’s team takes every precaution necessary to ensure that your new electrical system is installed according to all relevant building codes and safety standards.

The Columbia electrical team at Hiller can help you every step of the way. Years of experience and licensed, on the job training means that each of our electricians is equipped to explain, install, repair, and maintain any electrical component you might need for your home or business.

Again, don’t risk your safety, and don’t make expensive mistakes trying to handle the electricity that runs through your home. We understand that the last thing anyone wants is to come home to lights out or find your restaurant’s freezer with no power, but safety and getting the job done right come before anything else.


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Make things simple and call Hiller whenever there’s electrical work to be done. With 24/7 availability, we can get you set up with an appointment or dispatch an emergency repair service whenever you need it. Rely on us for fast, quality support and high-quality electrical services from licensed electricians.

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