True Transparency Pricing

Most Home Service Companies Use the Same Pricing Structure. But Not Us.

Our new plan and pricing model is part of a company effort to be transparent, so you know exactly what you’re paying for. This new pricing structure provides you visibility into our costs of doing business, so you can continue to trust what you get from Hiller.

Here is an example of how it works:

Heating & Air Price Comparison

Hiller Ttp Hvac

Plumbing Price Comparison

Hiller Ttp Plumbing

With True Transparency Pricing, You Pay What We Pay.

We care about you, our customer, so we’ve rolled out all new low prices with no hidden charges or fees. Plus, there’s no commission – you have a right to know what you are paying for. With this pricing structure, you’ll pay only fair market value for parts and our expert service!

So, what do you get with Hiller’s True Transparency Pricing?

  • Standard repair or minor install tasks
    • $199 + cost of parts and materials
  • Plumbing or Electrical Major repair or installation tasks
    • $499 + cost of parts and materials
  • Heating & Cooling Major repair or installation tasks
    • $599 + cost of parts and materials

Customers will receive an itemized list of tasks performed, materials and supplies used on the job. ALL parts, including refrigerant, used during the service are charged.

85% of All Repairs to be Performed at $199* Plus Parts!

With True Transparency Pricing, on average, 85% of all repairs to be performed are at $199* plus parts or $99* plus parts if we are already at your home! Any additional standard repair beyond this will only be $99* plus the cost of parts.

You are probably thinking we are going to mark up the cost of parts 5-10 times. The cost of the parts will be, on average, what you can purchase from a licensed parts supplier.

Member of the Happy Hiller Club?

You will receive exclusive discounts!

  • On the day of sale, you won’t pay a diagnostic fee and will have an additional discount on services.
  • Club members receive exclusive discounts. Only 1 applicable discount per standard repair task.

You can trust the service you are getting with Hiller.