Promotions & Specials

The trained technicians at Hiller are not only prepared to fix your plumbing, heating, cooling, or electrical problem—they can also save you some money in the process. We offer a number of buyback specials, bundle pricing, and more to ensure you get the best service and the best deal. Check out our current specials and promotions below and give yourself an extra reason to smile when the happy face truck arrives.

$25 OFF Any Plumbing Repair

Get $25 Off Any Plumbing Repair!

FREE Surge Protector & 50% Off Transfer Switch with Select Generators

Purchase Select New Whole-Home Generator & Get 50% Off Transfer Switch and Free Whole-Home Surge Protector.

$25 OFF Any Electrical Repair

Get $25 Off Any Electrical Repair!

Indoor Air Quality Inspection

Indoor air is often 2-5 times more contaminated than outdoor air!