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A burst sewer pipe and a leaking water line are the last mess you want to deal with. Hiller is available around the clock, every day of the year — we’re ready to provide the best sewer and water line maintenance services in Bowling Green, right when you need it.

You can trust our professional plumbers, repair techs, and maintenance experts to show up quickly and fix the problem quicker. We will identify any issues with your sewer or water line, provide a number of potential solutions, and help you choose the right repair option for your situation. We handle leaks, clogs, sunk pipes, and everything in between for sewer and water lines.


Sewer & Water Line Repair in Bowling Green

We’ll help you tackle a huge range of issues facing your sewer and water lines. Oftentimes, these lines get old, buckle with shifting weather or foundation issues, or start to leak for a number of reasons. Whatever you’re facing, we can help.

Sewer Repair

Fix unexpected leaks and breakages before they spiral into something gross. Broken lines and loose fittings translate into a big mess, which is why we offer emergency or scheduled sewer repair services to address any sewer line malfunctions you run into.

Water Line Repair

If your water stops flowing, or you notice a major leak somewhere in your home, call a professional plumber. Hiller’s licensed plumbers can inspect your water line and offer immediate repairs, emergency patches, or water line maintenance designed to keep you and your home dry.

Routine & Scheduled Maintenance

Hiller offers routine maintenance and scheduled repair services for sewer and water lines in Bowling Green. You can save a lot of money through preemptive repairs and yearly inspections of your sewer and water line. Our licensed plumbers will perform a thorough evaluation of your water line and sewer system to ensure that there’s no major risk or weak points. If we do catch a problem early, we’ll offer advice or preventative maintenance on the spot.

Installations & Upgrades

Hiller provides professional install and upgrade services for water and sewer lines, too. If you want to update old, outdated, or corroded lines, or simply install new lines to better facilitate your home’s needs, we offer licensed plumbing experience and competitive costs to help get it done.

Our goal at Hiller is to cover every angle for sewer and water line services, in addition to a wide range of other home services like plumbing, electrical, and HVAC. Our team is composed of professional plumbers and maintenance workers with years of experience handling just about any maintenance job you can imagine. 

Problems with your sewer or water line?


When Do I Need Sewer or Water Line Service?


Most people don’t realize they need repairs for their sewer or water lines until it’s too late.

A pipe breaks somewhere, and suddenly your water stops running. Or maybe your yard is slowly filling up with liquid and a terrible stench. Nobody wants a front lawn water feature connected to the sewer, so it’s best to have someone like our plumbers perform regular inspections and maintenance checks once or twice a year.

Some of the most common signs that your sewer or water line need attention are:

For sewer lines:

  • Gurgling noises from your toilet or drains
  • Unexplained odors, wet spots, or mold growth
  • Changes to your lawn, like greener grass or indentations
  • Slow drainage and regular blockages

For water lines:

  • Unusual water, particularly rusty, smelly, or off-color water
  • Wet spots around the house or on your walls
  • Hearing running water or dripping sounds not coming from faucets
  • Frequent low water pressure or higher water bills

If you notice any of these issues, call us right away. While not all of these issues signal a catastrophic sewer and water line failure, they can still cause a pretty nasty mess. Catching these signs early enough can prevent even bigger damage and repair bills down the road.

If you need sewer or water line maintenance done right? Choose Hiller.

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