Electrical Services

Why You Need Professional Electrical Services

When should you call a certified electrician? Whenever you have an electrical problem that you do not understand, or that is above your skill level or outside the realm of your experience. The odds are that unless you yourself are a certified electrician, you don't have the proper training -- so the best course of action is to hire a professional.

Most people should not attempt electrical repairs by themselves. There are too many safety hazards to consider, the most important of which is not to get badly shocked or start a fire.

In addition to immediate safety issues, installing improper equipment or "jerry-rigging" a circuit could lead to larger problems down the road. Your smartest option is to choose Hiller to perform your electrical services so the work is done safely and well.

Electrical work is not DIY.

Don't take a chance, trust Hiller for all your electrical install and repair needs. 

The Hiller electrical team is licensed and insured and abide by local fire codes and building regulations to make sure that the job is done correctly and most importantly, safely – each and every time. 

Electrical Installation and Upgrades

Whether you want to eliminate the use of extension cords and add power where you need it or increase the power to your home so that you can use all of the new and fancy electrical products, we can do it all. 

Many older homes are equipped with wiring that hasn’t been updated since the home was built (think 3-prong adapter). Chances are the wiring, service panels and fuse boxes don’t meet today’s standards. Have Hiller come out and do a whole home or partial rewire and never have to worry about the dangers of unnecessary electrical shocks again!

Add a level of luxury and value to your home with exterior home lighting, USB wall plugs, enhanced home sound and visual entertainment options. 

Problems with your switches and outlets can cause electrical shocks and fires.

Give your home an electrical safety inspection with Hiller's Top 5 Things to Check to ensure safe switches and outlets:

1. Do all switches/outlets work perfectly?
2. Are any switches/outlets warm to the touch?
3. Are any switches/outlets discolored?
4. Do any switches/outlets making crackling or buzzing sounds?
5. Do plugs fit snugly into all outlets?

For more information on DIY electrical inspections, get the full electrical safety checklist here.

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