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Whole House Water Fitration System

With a Hiller Whole House Water Filtration System, you’ll enjoy healthy odor and chemical-free water throughout your home – for drinking, bathing, washing clothes and dishes.

  • Receive Clean Drinking Water from Every Fixture
  • Remove Chlorine and Chloramines from Water
  • Enjoy Better Tasting, Better Smelling Water Throughout the Whole House
  • Enhance the Flavor of Food
  • Achieve Healthier Skin with Reduced Chlorine in Bathing Water
  • Reduce Unsightly Hard Water Stains Throughout Your Home
  • Eliminates the Need to Consume Bottled Water for Drinking
  • Low Maintenance System: No Maintenance Required for 10+ Years

Single Faucet Water Filtration

Have your Hiller water quality technician connect one of our single faucet water filtration systems to a special faucet at your kitchen sink and you’ve got great tasting, odor- and chemical-free water whenever you want it!

Our system tucks neatly under your sink and dispenses a constant supply of delicious water from a specially installed faucet. The filtration cartridges can be changed in seconds, without tools.

This system reduces the following contaminants:

  • Bad tastes and odors
  • Dirt and rust
  • Chlorine

The result is great tasting water whenever you want it, without the need to keep buying bottles of water.

Descaler Systems

Tired of seeing that crusty white stuff on your shower head or faucet? Unless your house has always had a water softening system, the same material has been building up inside your pipes and water-using appliances.

The best way to clean those existing scale deposits from your plumbing and fixtures, and keep it from coming back, is a Hiller Whole House Descaler.

Hiller Descalers operate by transmitting an electromagnetic signal thousands of times per second throughout your entire plumbing system. This innovative technology has many benefits:

  • Prevents minerals from dissolving out of the water and depositing on the insides of pipes and components of your appliances
  • Dissolves the existing deposits
  • Retains essential minerals in your water
  • Costs less to use than other types of descalers because there are no salts or chemicals to replace

Know When You Need a Whole House Water Filtration System

While many people believe that the water flowing through their home pipes is clean and pure, that can be far from the case even for people enjoying municipal water. City tap water often has chemicals placed in it during the cleansing process. Chlorine and fluorine are common contaminants. However, trace amounts of many other elements, including arsenic, lead, mercury, hormones, nitrates and even pesticides can be found in water. Although most city sources will insist that these elements are not found in large enough quantities to produce harm, they can make some people feel sick.

Well water can be even more concerning because it more frequently comes into contact with pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals. It may also have unhealthy organic material as well as bacteria and other pathogens in it.

A home water filtration system can solve these issues by providing pure filtered water for every faucet in the home. A simple filter system will separate out these harmful and unhealthy chemicals, bacteria, metals and other contaminants. Most people choose carbon filtration to get rid of the most common additives to city water. However, other filters or a water softener can also be used if the water tests high in such areas as iron or sediments.

The benefits of whole house water filters are many. Not only do they produce pure, safe water, but also they reduce bad tastes and smells that are associated with some water sources. Individuals can drink tap water without concern and can take baths and showers without wondering what chemicals are flowing over their bodies.

Plus, clean water helps many appliances, such as washing machines, last longer. Hair and skin will feel softer and smoother and tubs and showers will stay cleaner longer with proper water treatment as well as with a softener.

Homeowners who are concerned about the safety of their water should consider a whole house water filtration system to make all of the water safe for the household. By filtering out contaminants such as bacteria as well as chemicals that can stain home surfaces or build up in one’s body, your family can stay healthy while also improving your peace of mind about the water coming from their sinks and tubs.

Maintain Your Whole House Water Filtration System Regularly

Proper maintenance of the whole house water filtration system will ensure that homeowners continue to enjoy the fresh, clean water that they have come to love. If maintenance is not done at the correct times, the filter will eventually become so clogged with sediments or chemicals that it can no longer filter harmful materials out of the water. Thankfully, homeowners will not have to look forward to too much maintenance because newer systems do most of the work themselves. The main task that homeowners must remember is changing the filters.

Basic maintenance can often be done by homeowners. Most filters are easy to change. However, homeowners must remember to turn off the water valves before beginning maintenance to ensure that no impure water gets into the system during maintenance. How the filters are changed depends on the type of filters used. Most unlock, unscrew or pull out easily.

Be sure to ask how often filters must be changed when the system is installed. Some filters last only three months, while others last an entire year.

However, routine maintenance by plumbing or home water filtration professionals is also recommended. These professionals can ensure that the system is functioning efficiently, that pipes are remaining clean and that correct filters are being used.

Give us a call today to ask us about our whole house water filtration systems or any of our other services, performed by the best plumbers and electricians in the business!

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