Types of Water Heaters

When the time comes to pick a new one, you want to make sure you get a product that will meet the needs of your home and serve you well for many years to come.

Types of Water Heaters


Depending on your home’s unique needs, choosing a water heater may include several options or a more limited selection. At Happy Hiller, our experienced team can help you determine the proper type of hot water heater to fit your budget and water consumption practices. Below, we’ll share some of the options available to you when you consider purchasing a new water heater for your home.


Gas Tankless Hot Water Heater


Tankless water heaters deliver endless hot water to your showers, faucets, and sinks on demand and do not, in many cases, run the risk of running out of hot water. Over time, tankless water heaters have been shown to be an energy-efficient addition to many homes.


Because they only heat water as needed, tankless water heaters can lower utility bills up to 40%. In addition to the value of lower bills and endless hot water, they feature space-saving designs that are often smaller than traditional tank water heaters—allowing you to fit them into a tighter space or even free up room in your utility area. To summarize, tankless hot water heaters offer the following features:

  • Endless Hot Water
  • Lowers Utility Bills Up To 40% By Heating Water Only As Needed
  • Efficient, Space-Saver Design
  • Energy Star Certified


Hybrid Electric 50 and 80 Gallon Hot Water Heater


Hybrid electric water heaters (also known as heat pump water heaters) combine the power of electrical water heaters with energy efficiency measures. During periods of low use, the water heater draws ambient heat from the air around it to help heat the water. At peak times, the water heater switches over to a traditional method of power, allowing it to keep water hot for when you need it. 


Hybrid electric water heaters are available in different sizes, but we recommend choosing either the 50 gallon or the 80 gallon models for maximum efficiency and water consumption for most homes.


Instahot Installation


Instahot water heaters are built for kitchens, although they have been used in small bathrooms. These water heaters supply convenient hot water instantly to a sink so there’s no need to wait on a water heater. Ask your Happy Hiller technician if an Instahot water heater is right for you.


Contact Happy Hiller for Your Water Heater Installation Today


No matter which model of water heater you choose, Happy Hiller is committed to professional installation that follows best practices and helps ensure your water heater is set-up to run properly and provide you with your hot water needs for years to come. Get your water heater installed today: Contact Happy Hiller to schedule your appointment now.

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