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When you find a sludgy mess in your backyard or standing water in your basement, the first instinct is to panic. Something is likely wrong with your drainage and sewer system and that means not only inconvenience and potentially having to leave your home, but a big time repair bill.

Symptoms of Drainage & Sewer Problems

Before you make any assumptions, it is good to know what problems your sewer line might have. What symptoms should you look for and what might they mean? To start with, a sewer line backup is usually caused by a clog. Most of the time, however, you will not notice standing water in your basement. In fact, most clogged sewer lines do not present clear symptoms for weeks, until the clog has become so bad that drains actually stop flushing properly. However, if you notice all of the drains in your home simultaneously experiencing a slowdown, it is not something a plunger or auger can fix – you may have a sewer line problem. Another issue to watch for is suddenly soggy or squishy ground in your backyard, especially if it is not raining and you do not have an irrigation system. This is a sure sign that your sewer line is leaking and pouring water into the surrounding ground soil. You may also notice small leaks or standing water in your basement. These are usually due to leaks within the drainage structure between the end drains and your sewer lines. Sewer problems rarely if ever result in bad odors in your home. But if it happens, either as an acute smell in one location or as a general odor throughout your home, you may have a problem in one of your drains. Drains are designed to stop sewer gasses from returning to your home through the use of traps and air vacuums. Severe clogs and leaks can negate this precaution and put your family at risk. If you notice a foul odor, call us immediately for emergency drain service.

Making the Call

Whether you notice your sewer line leaking slightly or suspect that a blockage is starting to form, don’t wait to call. Your sewer line is incredibly important for keeping your entire plumbing system running smoothly day after day. If a repair is needed, every second counts. If your sewer line gets to the point of needing replacement or large-scale repairs, it can mean days or weeks of being displaced from your home as the work is done. Small repairs and routine maintenance are not only less expensive, but they are also much less intrusive to you and your family’s life.

Sewer Line Repair Services

A neglected sewer line can lead to serious plumbing issues that can force you to leave the house as technicians take care of the problem. In addition to this, stagnant water and a sewer burst may destroy property or even lead to illnesses. It’s not easy to notice any issues with faulty sewer lines at the start but homeowners should always be on the lookout. Once in a while, it is advisable to have a technician inspect your sewer line to rule out any problems.

How do you know when your sewer line needs repair?

Unless you are quite observant, you may not notice sewer line problems until it’s too late. However, here are some things that can let you know when the sewer line needs repair.

Foul smell

The sewer is not supposed to leak bad smells to the surroundings or inside your house. When you notice a foul odor, it’s an indication that the pipes are leaking. Check the surroundings for dampness to determine where the leak is. The problem may be in a particular sewer pipe and not the entire system, and minor repair work may sort it out.

Water drains slowly

This is an initial symptom that should not be ignored. To make sure it is the sewer line that has a problem, check all the drainages in the house. If all of them are slow or sometimes water flows back, you must act immediately. Clogged drains may not pose a danger overnight, but this is a problem that grows over time to the point where the entire drainage blocks needing replacement. By this time, you may experience standing water in the basement or bathrooms. To prevent drainage problems, have the water drains cleaned regularly.

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