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Water Heater Additions/Maintenance

Without proper care, your water heater can’t provide steady hot water for showers, washing clothes or dishes. While inconsistent hot water starts as a moderate inconvenience, it can quickly become a chronic impediment to your quality of life.

That’s why at Hiller, we highly recommend scheduling annual maintenance to keep your hot water heater operating as it should and to isolate and resolve any problems at their earliest stages. Whether you simply don’t know the last time your system was serviced or you’ve already made the proactive decision to begin a regular maintenance schedule, call us today to learn more about the water heater maintenance services we offer to all of our customers.

Heat water only when needed, reduce your energy waste, and even have unending hot water.

Our installation includes: professional installation of tank, recycling of your old water heater, and all permits needed to get the job done to your standards.

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Anode Rod Replacement


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