Kitchen Plumbing Installation


Most people think of the bathroom when they think of home plumbing, but your kitchen contains just as many and in some cases, more components in the plumbing system than your bathroom. Proper installation, maintenance and repair of those fixtures and appliances is a must to ensure you stay comfortable and have access to reliable, clean water at all times.

Your kitchen is home to a variety of different appliances and fixtures that rely on properly functioning plumbing. The ice maker and water dispenser in your refrigerator, your dishwasher, your kitchen sink and your garbage disposal are all integral parts of your kitchen that are connected to your home’s plumbing system. They’re all modern conveniences you’ve come to rely on in your daily life, so when you have new ones installed, you want it done properly.

During installation, you want to make sure your new fixtures and appliances are energy efficient, using as little water as possible, but that they also fit the aesthetic and space requirements of your kitchen. Our skilled experts will measure the space available and then help you determine which models are best suited to your particular needs.

Kitchen Plumbing Maintenance

Once your new kitchen appliances and fixtures are installed, they need to be maintained so they continue to operate as intended for as many years as possible. As simple as they might seem, each device can have major issues if not properly maintained. Here are some examples of kitchen plumbing maintenance services and why they should be performed:

  • Garbage Disposal – Have your disposal flushed and cleaned regularly. A plumber will check the blades and the motor for problems and ensure no clogs are forming.
  • Dishwasher – The drain lines for the dishwasher can become clogged if too much grease is left on dishes when loaded or if food particles get into the drain. Maintenance will check for these problems well in advance.
  • Sink – Sink traps should be cleaned regularly to avoid build ups of food or grease, especially if you don’t have a garbage disposal.

Proper maintenance on a regular basis will keep all the components of your kitchen usable and clean at all times, as well as ensuring that you avoid unexpected, costly repairs.

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