Nashville Residential Electrician Services

Electrical work is not home improvement work, for one reason, safety. Hiller Residential Electricians are board-certified and licensed electricians with the experience necessary to safely work on your home’s electrical units, inside and out.

Our electricians take your safety and the safety of your home seriously. Hiller Residential Electricians have the experience and knowledge to get your electrical system running as it should.

With over 40 years of experience at Hiller, we have the team ready to install or repair any of your electrical units, outlets, and lighting, among many other electrical services you may need in Nashville.

Our electricians at Hiller will always carefully and critically inspect your electrical system and recommend the services necessary to use your electricity safely and securely, and we will never pressure you to make unnecessary repairs or installations.

We always have safety in mind when we are working at your home and making decisions on what is necessary for improving your home’s electrical system. Hiller Residential Electrician Services provides a variety of different electrical services in Nashville.


Nashville Residential Electrician Services


When Should You Call An Electrician?


There are many obvious signs that it is time to call a professional electrician. Keeping safety in mind, whenever you have a problem with any of your electrical outlets or sockets, it is best to have a professional do the job, rather than yourself.

Other than new installations, you should always call an electrician when you notice your breaker flipping frequently, if your lights are flickering, and if the outlets feel warm. Any time you notice anything unusual or concerning with your electrical system, it is a wonderful idea to call an electrician to come and inspect your home.

You’ll want to make sure that everything is working as it should and you are not in danger of having any foreseeable problems in your electrical system. To be on the safe side, always call an electrician when you have any questions or concerns with your home’s electricity.

Remodels and upgrades are often necessary with your electrical system. If your home is more than 25 years old, you need an electrician.

Aside from keeping bushes and trees trimmed that are near any cables and inspecting your outdoor breaker panel, most electrical work should be done by a professional electrician. There are many signs to let you know when it is time to call in a professional electrician.

A warm socket could mean you have aluminum wiring, which is a safety hazard and should be replaced. Flickering lights are another sign that it is time to call in an electrician, you might be drawing too much power that adding more outlets to your home may solve.

Your two-prong outlets are outdated and should be changed over to 3 prongs so that your outlets are updated and able to use newer appliances that require 3 prongs. Our experts at Hiller can install and replace your outdated wiring and outlets.


Hiller Electrical Installation and Repairs


Nashville Residential Electrician Services


Our experienced electricians are on hand to make any repairs to your electrical system or install completely new hardware and wiring in your home.

Upgrades in your home’s electrical system can help you to save money while not needing to cut down on your usage. Regular maintenance and repairs will help keep your electrical units safe and keep you secure.

Our team in Nashville is ready to tackle any of your electrical needs in Nashville.

Hiller Electrical provides a variety of different electrical services to our valued customers in Nashville. If you need to have smoke alarms or carbon monoxide detectors installed, our technicians can install them for you.

We can also do your interior and exterior lighting, track to task lighting, security and exterior facade lighting, and more.

Should you need your electrical box or circuit breaker repaired or replaced, our experts at Hiller Residential Electrical Services have the knowledge and experience to install your units and instruct you on how to operate your new units, while getting the best optimal usage.

We also offer surge protection devices that can protect your electrical system and components from internal and external power surges. Hiller has also partnered with Nest in providing Smart Home Solutions, the latest technology for advanced home security.


Generators So You Never Lose Power


We cannot predict when a natural disaster may strike and power could be out for days to weeks at a time. Our technicians at Hiller can help you stay one step ahead by installing a generator and keep you turned on and not lose power.

A backup generator can detect a power outage as soon as it happens and will turn itself on to deliver backup power to your home immediately. By having a backup generator installed, you can continue to run critical medical equipment, prevent floods by operating your sump pump.

A backup generator will keep your lights on, your home warm and you safe and secure, in your own home. Hiller can provide and install a generator for you so you never lose power.


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Nashville Residential Electrician Services

Hiller’s commercial electrical services team are the leaders in electrical service in Nashville and surrounding areas. Call Hiller today to schedule an appointment for a free estimate on our commercial electrical services.

Our lines are open to schedule appointments for regular maintenance and repairs, or if you should have an emergency, we have the experts on hand for your commercial electric needs.

Our 24/7 lines make it easier for you to avoid long wait times for immediate electrical needs as well as scheduling regular appointments for commercial electrical repairs in Nashville. Call Hiller today!

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