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We Handle HVAC Needs Large and Small

Is your heater not heating like it should, or is your home not as cool as you would like? 

Have you had an unfortunate system breakdown but not ready to make the investment in a new unit? Our technicians are fully trained to fix your AC/heat pump system or furnace, whether it’s a simple heating or cooling repair or replacing your whole condenser, you can trust that Hiller has it under control. 

And don't worry - we will repair all types of units even if we didn't install them, 24/7/365. 

It is a best practice to have a trained technician perform maintenance service on your HVAC system a few times a year. Think of your heating and cooling system like a car; it’ll last a long time if you maintain it regularly and treat it with care. Hiller offers a preventative maintenance Happy Hiller Club membership that will ensure your system is ready for the brutally cold days of winter and the unbearable heat of summer. 

Hiller's Experienced Team Can Provide:

What is the Average Lifespan of an HVAC Unit?

Around 10-12 years with regular maintenance completed or even less with little to no maintenance completed. 

Your Duct's are the Lungs of Your Home

Think of your duct system like lungs in the body. All of the air your body needs goes through your lungs, and all the air in the home has to filter through your duct system in order to reach your rooms. Consider having your duct's cleaned if you just purchased an older home or if you haven't had them cleaned in 10+ years. 

Duct cleaning removes 99.97% of dirty contaminants in your ductwork that can contribute to illnesses like inflamed allergies and asthma attacks. 

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