Heating and Cooling Products

The best HVAC systems start with the right heating and cooling products. On this page, you can read about some of the many top quality HVAC products we install for our customers. Whether you’re due for a new system or you still have a few good years left in your current heating and cooling equipment, there are some ways to maximize your system’s performance and lengthen their useful life:

What Are Some Things You Can Do to Make Your AC and Heating Units Last Longer?

When dirt and grime builds up on the outdoor HVAC unit, certain components won’t be able to pull and extract air. If a system doesn’t get proper air circulation, key components will slow down. Then, over time, the entire unit will gradually break down.

The best way to maintain an outdoor HVAC unit is by rinsing the housing with a hose. While spraying the surfaces, you may need to increase the water pressure in order to successfully remove heavy grime and thick layers of mold. If any grass is growing around the unit, simply trim the blades with a proper landscaping tool.

In order to maintain key hardware that operates an HVAC, you’ll need to change the filter when it no longer blocks harsh contaminates. Typically, a filter should be replaced whenever the mesh material develops severe tears and other flaws.

When Should You Get a Tune Up Each Year?

Tune ups are very important because they can impact how well an HVAC system distributes hot and cold air. For best results, you should have one tune up in the spring or summer to prepare for the cold weather. Then, you should get another tune up near the end of the winter to prepare the system for hot conditions.

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