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Surge Protection

Protect Your Whole Home and Never Have to Use a Surge Strip Again

We offer whole–home surge protection devices that help protect all the main electrical service boxes and large appliances. These devices are installed at the main service panel in your home, and they can both protect your electrical system and components from external and internal power surges. 

Benefits Include: 

What Level of Protection Does Your Home/Office Need? 

EVERY home or office needs surge protection. If you are not protected, or need more protection, these are the things to consider when deciding: 

  1. Do you have expensive electronics? 
  2. What kind of insurance do you have? The industry standard is 1% deductible of the home’s value. That means the average deductible is $2,500. 
  3. Do you have multiple A/C systems, pool pumps and other motor bearing equipment? 
  4. Do you have a lot of newer appliances that have high-tech circuit boards to operate the appliance? 
  5. Do you foresee purchasing any new electronics in the future?

Did You Know? 

1 National Electrical Safety Foundation 2 National Electrical Contractors Association

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