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Whole House Water Fitration System

With a Hiller Whole House Water Filtration System, you'll enjoy healthy odor and chemical-free water throughout your home - for drinking, bathing, washing clothes and dishes. 

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Single Faucet Water Filtration

Have your Hiller water quality technician connect one of our single faucet water filtration systems to a special faucet at your kitchen sink and you’ve got great tasting, odor- and chemical-free water whenever you want it! 

Our system tucks neatly under your sink and dispenses a constant supply of delicious water from a specially installed faucet. The filtration cartridges can be changed in seconds, without tools.

This system reduces the following contaminants: 

The result is great tasting water whenever you want it, without the need to keep buying bottles of water.

Descaler Systems

Tired of seeing that crusty white stuff on your shower head or faucet? Unless your house has always had a water softening system, the same material has been building up inside your pipes and water-using appliances.

The best way to clean those existing scale deposits from your plumbing and fixtures, and keep it from coming back, is a Hiller Whole House Descaler.

Hiller Descaler

Hiller Descalers operate by transmitting an electromagnetic signal thousands of times per second throughout your entire plumbing system. This innovative technology has many benefits: 

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