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Leak Detection

Leaks, leaks, and more leaks! There are many areas of your plumbing system that can start to become leaky. In fact, around 10% of U.S. homes have leaks that waste more than 90 gallons of water per day (EPA). But effective pipe repair and sewer line replacement services can stop those leaks and prevent bigger problems down the (sewer) line!

If we’re specifically talking about leaking pipes, leaks will occur when there is a crack in the pipe. Visible water and moisture marks on the wall tell you that piping behind the wall has begun to leak. This can also happen under the floor or in the ceiling. Turn off the water and call your plumber right away to avoid further damage.

There are a number of possible signs that your plumbing needs to be repaired. The first and most obvious sign is if you have a leak somewhere. Unfortunately, even a leak isn’t always obvious. Many leaks occur behind walls or beneath your floorboards. Eventually that leak will become obvious, but it’s in your best interest to know about it in advance to minimize the damage that usually comes with a leak.

To do this, watch your water meter for sudden spikes in consumption. If you don’t have guests, unexplained increases in water usage may indicate a leak. You should also watch for damp spots on the carpet, ceiling or even on your lawn.

Plumbing maintenance will help catch signs of corroded connections that can lead to leaks. During an annual plumbing inspection, important elements such as signs of moisture and water pressure are examined. This inspection will allow you to:

Other common leaks:

If you are experiencing water meter changes, musty smells, spongy floors, and/or cracks and damage to your foundation, contact us today.

How Hiller Inspects Your Pipes With Video Drain Inspection Technology

With advancements in video inspection technology, our professional plumbers are able to investigate and locate the source of most sewer pipe problems and drainage issues before they get worse.

Video scans are also one of the most effective ways to locate roots that have damaged your sewer pipes and drainage system without digging up your yard. Once we’ve tried other methods, such as snaking, to unclog drains, we will thoroughly inspect the lines to make sure there are no other issues. This also helps us determine the overall condition of your plumbing system so that we can make recommendations for a system replacement if necessary.

Hiller's comprehensive video camera inspections are one of the most effective ways to maintain your sewer lines and drains.


Pipe Relining

Pipe relining is a form of pipe repair and a more cost-effective alternative to replacing your pipes, sewer lines, and water lines. When you need a new liner for your pipes, you will want to hire a professional plumbing contractor you can trust. Plumbers who aren’t qualified to work with the epoxy and other lining materials may not install the new pipe lining correctly, which can compromise the integrity and durability of the new lining. This will cost you more money in the end because your new liner will not last as long as it should.

Installing a new lining inside your existing pipes requires very little digging or intrusion.

The end result is a smooth and durable lining that can withstand structural and external stress. The smooth inner walls will also increase the efficiency of your plumbing system and prevent clogs and backups. While you might think that the reduced diameter of the new pipe liner will restrict water flow, the size reduction is insignificant and will not affect the pipe’s performance. Pipe liners are often referred to as a “pipe within a pipe,” because of their durability and seamless inner coating.

No-Dig & Trenchless Technology

Many pipes and sewer lines are made of cast iron, especially in older homes, and these can corrode over time causing constant leaks and repair needs. Tree root intrusion is an underground menace, and a common cause of sewer or water line damage. If this is the case, you may need to relocate the line; otherwise, you can choose to reline or replace the pipe without digging a trench, which has been the traditional method used to repair or replace sewage and main water lines.

Hiller is a licensed and insured plumbing company that offers not only sewer line replacement and sewer repair, but also a wide variety of other plumbing and electrical services. Contact us today for a quote!

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