11 Signs That You Need Furnace Repair

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Posted December 31, 2020

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In 2016, at least 36% of American homes relied on electric furnaces as their primary source of heat. Furthermore, 40% of these Americans used gas furnaces in their homes. Today, furnaces are still somewhat popular, with most households relying on this essential heating equipment, more so during winter. The average furnace can last for up to 20 years when all factors are constant. However, like most other home appliances, furnaces can develop issues from time to time during their shelf life. Most furnace parts won’t last the entire cycle and will need a furnace repair.

Furnace repair is an unavoidable cost for any homeowner who uses this valuable home heating equipment. With age and numerous other inevitable factors, a furnace will either breakdown or experience inefficiencies in the way it operates.

So how can you detect the earliest signs of furnace problems for timely repair? These are the tell-tale signs.

1. When Age Catches up

Are you wondering how to know in advance that your furnace is going out? Tracing the equipment’s current age could be a good place to start. If you bought a revamped house and did not consider this information, you may need to look for such details as a matter of urgency.

A furnace that’s 15-20 years old may require more repair than a new furnace. When your heating equipment passes the 20-year mark, it may require more HVAC specialists’ attention to ensure it functions as it should.

With age, the efficiency of your furnace diminishes. While repair and maintenance can remedy this inefficiency, you may need to consider replacement in the long-haul.

2. Abnormal Furnace Smell

Homeowner Has Abnormal Smell from Furnace

Most furnaces will emit a subtle smell of the fuel they use at some point when running, especially when you turn them on for the first time. This odor often dissipates as your furnace runs. At some point, as you continue using your furnace, you won’t notice any smell at all.

However, you might need urgent furnace repair if the smell becomes intense and abnormal over time. Such smell may either appear then disappear or will tend to last in the house long after the furnace is off. The most likely cause of such sudden odor may be a gas leak somewhere in the system.

In other cases, your unit might have excessive dust leading up to the smell as the furnace struggles to function.

Have you been searching for “furnace repair service near me” to help you deal with such strange smells? It would be best if you never attempted to DIY your way around furnaces to avoid safety concerns. Our team of HVAC technicians is always a call away.

3. If the Furnace Makes Strange Noises

One of the surest indicators that your furnace is going out is the recurrence of strange noises from your HVAC system. When operating your furnace, it’s rare to experience strange noises coming from the equipment. However, if you begin to hear rattling, popping, or banging noise from the furnace, it could be a tell-tale sign.

You may need to pay attention to any strange noises coming from the furnace. If your blower keeps turning on and off when in use, this could explain the strange noises.

The main course of such peculiar noise is wear and tear. When specific parts of the furnace develop issues, you’ll likely experience a recurrence of noise from the furnace.

A HVAC technician can help you replace such worn-out parts. These noises may be due to a malfunctioning blower motor.

Once you replace the motor or any other worn-out parts, the recurrent strange noises will subside. The furnace repair expert needs to assess the entire furnace system to check for any worn out parts to ensure the appliance functions.

4. When the Heating Bill Hits the Roof

Couple Looking at Large Heating Bills

The average American household incurs close to $246 as the annual cost of heating. Residents using natural gas to fuel their furnaces part with the lion’s share of this high energy cost. If your energy consumption has become unbearable in recent times, part of the reason could be a faulty furnace.

The cost of heating your home, more so during winter, can be high. Even so, when these costs hit unbearable margins, it may help to consider urgent furnace repairs. At times, the high cost of energy is due to inefficiencies in the manner the furnace operates.

As your furnace begins to age, issues related to air ducts start to manifest. If your air ducts have problematic seals, the furnace may experience functionality concerns. If this happens, your electricity bills may increase dramatically over a short period.

The good news is that you can schedule furnace repair to correct this concern. Our HVAC specialists are always a call away when this happens.

5. A Change in the Pilot Flame Color

When operating your furnace, the standard color should be a bright blue flame. It’s essential to observe your flame as often as possible to detect any slight changes in how the pilot frame lights up. If the pilot frame changes color over time to a weak and wavy flickering flame, this could signify that the furnace may go out soon and you will need a professional heating repair.

Most times, the furnace changes color if there’s a slowdown rate at which the unit burns the gas. The pilot light can change even when your furnace is relatively new. This is more so if the carbon monoxide isn’t venting away from the system, as it should.

When you experience a yellow flame, it’s an indicator that the gas may not be burning as it should. The furnace system could also be dirty, leading to partial blockage of the system. If this is the issue, you may need to consider due diligence when calling in a team of experts to minimize the risk of dealing with imposters.

6. You Have Scheduled Countless Maintenance Lately

Homeowner Calling for Furnace Repairs Again

Recurrent costs of maintenance is a surefire indicator that all is not well with your furnace. When all factors are constant your furnace should undergo at least two comprehensive maintenance schedules every year. However, when you start to notice a recurrence of a breakdown in your heating equipment, this could be a critical sign.

Sometimes the problem with your furnace is age. If your furnace has been in operation for close to two decades or more, it might be time for an HVAC system replacement.

It would be best if you considered the cost of such recurrent repairs vis-à-vis the possibility of going for a piece of new heating equipment. At times, it may be worth it to replace the furnace to avoid a recurrence.

7. High Levels of Soot

When your furnace is operating normally, you’ll rarely notice the recurrence of soot when the unit is running. The first sight of soot from the system should concern you. Soot may signify a more significant issue with the furnace system.

The first reason that may cause soot on your furnace is improper installation. Poor installation can cause a gradual rise in the rate of soot, even if the equipment is relatively new. If this is the cause of the problem, you might need to consider calling our specialists in furnace repair to help you get the system back in check.

In other cases, the onset of soot may be due to the aging of the furnace. As the furnace ages, you’ll tend to notice that there’s incomplete combustion when the furnace is running. One of the main by-products when carbon fails to burn as it should is soot.

Soot moves into the heat exchanger and out of the house in large amounts when there’s incomplete combustion. The best way to deal with accumulated soot is to remove any underlying debris around the system’s ducts.

Have you been searching for “cheap furnace repair near me?” Our experts can help you with the system’s treatment to ensure it gets back to proper operation.

8. Inadequate Heat

Child Sitting Inside With Hot Drink and Winter Clothes

The main reason you have a gas furnace is to ensure adequate heating for your home. Did you know that there are cities in the United States that experience below zero temperatures during winter? Crazy as it might sound, you need adequate heating during such cold seasons to remain warm.

When your furnace is producing below average heat, it might be the beginning of trouble, especially during the cold winter seasons. Whether your furnace is producing low heat or no heat at all, your first action should be to call in an HVAC expert. Most times, the issue is a problem with the thermostat.

The expert will only need to reset the thermostat settings when this is the problem. In other cases, the issue might be leaking ductwork, allowing the treated air to disappear. In each of the cases, the solution is to call in our team to check the thermostats and the ductworks then ensure the necessary repairs.

Such repairs should be urgent to avoid further damages to the system. It would be a mistake to procrastinate dealing with such repairs. Faulty parts such as thermostats can cause havoc to your heating system unless you take proactive steps to remedy them.

9. Poor Air Quality

When your furnace is running, it’s responsible for the air quality circulating in your home. Part of the reason you might experience low air quality in the house is the furnace system’s poor maintenance. If your furnace is poorly-developed, there’s the risk of developing dirt, bacteria, and some other foreign particles.

If you’ve noted more floating dust in the air in recent times, then it may be time to consider calling in furnace repair experts. This could be a sign that your furnace may be going out soon, a situation that may necessitate urgent intervention.

If the air quality is low, you’ll notice a resurgence of respiratory issues in your home. Allergies are the surest indicators that there could be an issue with the level of air quality in your home. It would be best to call in the experts as soon as possible to avoid any further problems with the system.

10. Difficulty Starting the Furnace Unit

Homeowner Wrapped in Blanket

Operating your furnace should be one of the most straightforward processes. It may be frustrating trying to start your furnace on multiple occasions without any success. When age catches up with the furnace, you may encounter a recurrence of problems trying to start and keep it running.

During the winter season, when furnaces need to operate almost all the time, recurrent hitches when starting may be a real concern. One of the common causes of this situation is often an issue with the wiring. An HVAC technician may need to check the system for any underlying problems with the wiring.

Furthermore, the other likely concern in such cases could be damaged thermostats. One of the easiest ways around such an issue is to replace the affected components. If the problem is the wiring, you may consider undertaking an overhaul of the wiring system.

Proper functionality of the wiring system is critical towards ensuring that you can turn the system on and off with ease.

11. Dry Air

Dry air is the other common sign that may signify that your furnace is heading for an abrupt functionality crisis. When you start to experience dry air in your system, the likely reason could be an undersized heating system. Most other times, the reason could be that the furnace has been running more frequently than usual.

If this is the matter, it may be time to consider furnace repair. In case, furnace repair doesn’t help, it could mean that your unit requires replacement. It would be best if you worked in close collaboration with our team of HVAC experts to help return the system to functional order.

Consider Urgent Furnace Repair in Case of These Signs

HVAC Technician Completing Furnace Repair

Having a furnace in your home adds warmth and comfort, especially during the chilly season. However, the furnace often develops technical issues caused by either faulty parts, age, or poor installation. When this happens, you might end up stranded, wondering where to start.

Before trying any DIY procedures on the system, it would help to consider the services of an experienced HVAC specialist to help you with furnace repair. This will help to return the system to its functional order. However, ensure that you only work with professionals who will guarantee quality in the services offered.

Are you looking for reliable furnace repair experts near you? Our team is only a call away. Contact us today for unmatched services.

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