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Hiller plumbers will fix your pipes, not slide down them for coins. But if we find a penny, we get to keep it as is stated in the official Plumber’s Penny Agreement.

Signs That You Need a New HVAC System

If you think you’re HVAC isn’t working as well as it should be, it may be time for a replacement. We’ll tell you what signs to look for before replacing your old system – and why it’s a good idea to do so. Keep reading for more.

Pre-Cold Weather HVAC Check-Up

It’s time for your pre-cold weather HVAC check-up. The best time to check the heating component of an HVAC system is well before the cold weather sets in. In this way, the HVAC professional can troubleshoot minor problems that interfere with the system’s ability to deliver enough heat to keep the household comfortable.

Risks of DIY HVAC Repairs

If you want to do a DIY project, perhaps stick to something small such as repairing your kitchen cabinets or a leaky faucet. When it comes to an HVAC system, they are much more complicated, and your risk of causing farther damage is enormous.

Pre-Vacation Home Maintenance Checklist

Going on vacation this summer? Here is your Pre Vacation Home Maintenance Checklist to make sure everything in your home will be safe, efficient, and keep you stress free during your vacation.

3 Reasons You Need a Smart Thermostat

We’re sharing the three reasons you need a smart thermostat and how they can save you time, energy, and most importantly money.

How to Keep Your Home Cool in the Warmer Months – Without Blasting the AC

It’s easy to crank up the AC when temps rise, but everytime you touch that thermostat you’re also increasing your monthly bill. Read more about how to keep your home cool without blasting the AC.

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