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Hiller plumbers will fix your pipes, not slide down them for coins. But if we find a penny, we get to keep it as is stated in the official Plumber’s Penny Agreement.

Common Plumbing Problems & How to Fix Them

Do you need to call a plumber or can you fix it yourself? This can depend on a number of things, such as experience and budget. Here are the most common plumbing problems homeowners need to know about. Make an informed repair decision by following our guide.

Pre-Vacation Home Maintenance Checklist

Going on vacation this summer? Here is your Pre Vacation Home Maintenance Checklist to make sure everything in your home will be safe, efficient, and keep you stress free during your vacation.

Pre-Outdoor Fourth of July Party Maintenance Checklist

We are sharing our outdoor maintenance checklist before your fourth of July BBQ! Don’t let one of these pesky maintenance problems ruin your festivities.

How to Choose a Reputable Electrician Service

We’re sharing some of the things to look for when choosing an electrician service you can trust to provide you and your home with expert and safe solutions for your electrical needs.

How to Conserve Water in the Summer

Conserve water this summer to save you time, money, and most importantly water with our helpful tips. Take this as your opportunity to skip hand washing those dishes or car.

How to Keep Your Home Cool in the Warmer Months – Without Blasting the AC

It’s easy to crank up the AC when temps rise, but everytime you touch that thermostat you’re also increasing your monthly bill. Read more about how to keep your home cool without blasting the AC.

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