Pre-Vacation Home Maintenance Checklist

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Posted July 23, 2018

Summertime is vacation season. Whether you have a small weekend getaway planned or a two week vacation, don’t forget about securing your home. Not only do you need to protect your home from intruders, but also you need to remember household tasks that will save you money and potential disasters while away.

We’ve created a simple checklist for you to look at before heading out on fun summer trips. These simple household chores may have slipped your mind while packing, gathering passports, and booking excursions! If you follow this list we guarantee you will come back to a happy home.

Have Someone Check on Your Home

Have a neighbor or friend house sit, or just drop by every few days. It is always a good idea to have someone double check that everything is running properly, no disasters have happened, and to assure your home is safe. Not to mention, a human presence every few days can scare off intruders who may be scoping out the place if it is noticeable someone is gone. Also, they can water your plants and grab your mail to keep things normal.

Take Out the Trash (and Take It in)

This one tends to slip minds when leaving for vacation. It’s a simple chore we do almost daily, but if forgotten you will come home to a stinky house. Make sure to take your trash out, and also bring your can back in if applicable. You don’t leave your garbage can in the street in case of a windy day or stormy night that could potentially blow it all over the street and in your driveway.

Unplug Small Appliances

It is important to not waste energy while you’re gone and keep your bill low. You can do this by unplugging small appliances that may still be using power while turned off. Unplug things like a toaster, coffee maker, microwave, chargers and lamps. A good rule of thumb for small appliances is to unplug anything with a  digital clock on it or a LED light. Just make sure you don’t unplug large appliances such as the fridge, oven, or dishwasher.

Check the Washer and Dryer

Make sure you don’t come home to moldy clothes left in the washer or forgotten in the dryer. Double check that you finish all your loads of laundry and take them out so you can avoid this inconvenience.

Install Smart Cameras

A little nervous about abandoning your home for a week or two? Worry no more. You can check in on your home from your phone with Nest Security Camera. The Nest Outdoor Camera looks for motion and listens for loud sounds and alerts you when something happens. You can even see photos from the event, so you can keep tabs on your home even when you aren’t there.

Make Sure Your Thermostat Is Set to a Money Saving Temp

If no one is planning on staying in your home while away, and you don’t have pets at home, turn the AC off. There is no need to keep the house at a comfortable temperature if no one is there. If you are expecting a house sitter or dog sitter, don’t fret! You can adjust the temperature of your home from the tip of your fingers with Nest Smart Thermostats. If you know someone is coming over that day, just turn the AC on from your phone or adjust the settings to a cooler temp then turn it off or up when they leave. Don’t have a smart thermostat? Contact Hiller today to learn all about them and how we can install them for you!

Clean Out Fridge and Pantry

You have now prevented coming home to the potent smell of moldy laundry and stinky trash, now you need to prevent the smell of spoiled food. Here’s a few food items to rid of before you leave.

      • Leftovers
      • Dairy Products
      • Fresh Fruit
      • Vegetables

Make Your Bed

This one may seem odd, but hear us out. Coming home to a made bed after a long day of traveling will make your welcome home feel at ease and cozy. Even if you never make your bed, try it this time.

Lock the Door and Turn the Lights Off

Double check you’ve locked all your doors and windows before leaving on vacation.  While you’re at it, make sure you’ve switched off lights as well. Might sound simple, but when you are trying to remember everything to bring on a trip, it could slip your mind.

Need to install a smart thermostat or smart camera before your trip? Or maybe you spotted a potential problem that could affect your home while away? Contact us, and we would be happy to help with preparing your home to be the safest it can be before your vacation.

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