3 Reasons You Need a Smart Thermostat

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Posted July 12, 2018

Smart Thermostats are becoming the new normal in home automation. If you’re looking to keep your house cozy at all times of the day and save money on your next energy bill, these tech savvy thermostats will be your new best friend. Their features are undeniable better than old thermostats, and they are incredibly user friendly. Here are three reasons you can make your life worry-free with a smart thermostat.

1. Easy Breezy Control

  • You can control your house temperature from any location at the tip of your fingers. Using your phone, tablet or laptop, you can adjust it to your preferred temperature for when you’re away. Did you forget to turn the air up before you left for work or left the heat on while on a two week vacation? Don’t worry, just update it on your smart device. It’s that simple.
  • Can it get even cooler? The Nest thermostat is self learning! The Nest Learning Thermostat will learn what temperature you like and build a schedule based on your past adjustments. This long-time learning feature will keep your home comfortable and cost efficient, without you having to think about it.

2. Save Energy and Money

  • How much money can one of these actually save you? According to Nest,  the average savings are estimated between $131 to $145 per year. These thermostats can sometimes seem pricey, but with savings like that, they will pay themselves in less than a year.
  • Can it get even cooler? If you want more savings you can be extra diligent and track your every day energy reports and get an end of the month home report with the learning Nest thermostat. This shows you when you use more energy, and how to use less of it. Nest is also the first thermostat to be ENERGY STAR certified, so it’s guaranteed to save you energy and money.

3. Sister Products

  • Most wifi thermostats also have other amazing products that work hand in hand with the thermostat! The evolution of the smart home has revolutionized the industry over the past five years. Assistant speakers like Google Home or Amazon Echo can pair with wifi thermostats to help you control them hands free.
  • Can it get even cooler? Accessories to smart thermostats can also improve your entire smart house experience. Nest offers temperature sensors, which help improve specific room temperatures throughout the day. Most homes aren’t the same temperature in every room, so this helps you control that for more comfortability and efficiency. 

At Hiller, we partner with Nest and offer a variety of their smart products. Check out which smart gadget you want installed next! All these products will improve the safety and quality of living in your home. Ready to smarten up your home? We’d be happy to help.  

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