Benefits of Smart Home Automation

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Posted November 9, 2020

Smart home automation going to explode in popularity over the next decade. Smart home technology is the new trend in home renovations, and it’s primed to continue growing in popularity. Over half of homeowners include smart technology in their home remodeling projects.

Smart home automation provides countless practical benefits for homeowners. Smart home installation can help you create a more energy-efficient and safe home. Plus it pretty convenient be able to control your environment with the sound of your voice.

Keep reading to learn about the benefits of smart home installation, and step into the future of homeownership.

9 Benefits of Smart Home Automation

technician installing smart home camera

Smart homes are the latest and greatest innovation in home design. Are you still hesitant about making the transition to a smart home?

Continue reading to learn about the many benefits of smart home automation!

1. Flexibility

Your smart homes work to make your life easier, and it can be customized as your needs change. So many appliances are compatible with each other, and your smart home system allows you to easily add or remove appliances as you see fit.

Plus designers are finding more innovative and creative ways to incorporate smart technology into home design and décor.

Smart home integrators are interior designers who know exactly how to incorporate smart tech into your home without sacrificing style. For instance, with automated lifts, you can store your tv or speaker system out of sight until it’s in use.

Smart mirrors are an amazing new invention straight from a fairytale. Smart mirrors appear to be regular mirrors, but once activated they can brief you on your calendar, daily to-dos, and news. Smart mirrors can also play music, search the web, and give you beauty tips.

2. Peace of Mind

Nothing is worse than leaving the house and forgetting if you left the stove on. Or maybe you can’t remember if you locked the door. With smart home technology, you can easily check.

All you have to do is open your smart home app on your phone and check to see. If you forgot to turn off the oven or lock the door, you’ll easily be able to fix that.

You can also invest in smart carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. Smart smoke detectors also come with lights that are designed to help you see your way out of a smokey room. Your smart smoke detector with also communicate with your HVAC system so smoke isn’t circulated into the rest of the house.

The peace of mind smart home installation provides is worth every penny. You can leave the home knowing everything will be safe and sound when you return.

3. More Energy Efficient

Smart homes are more energy-efficient than traditional homes. With smart home technology, you can easily track your energy use by the time of day and room.

You’re also able to control many of your appliances remotely. Forget to turn off the hall light before bed? No problem, just open your smart home app and let there be dark.

You can also use smart home technology to control heating and cooling costs. You can set your smart thermostat to a frugal temperature while you’re away and program it to be at your preferred temperature by the time you return. Gone are the days spent needlessly heating or cooling an empty house.

Smart homes also have several temperature trackers throughout your home so it can more accurately set your temperature. Traditional thermostats can’t do this or track your energy usage over time.

You can reduce energy consumption by 30-40% with smart technology. Smart home apps are also able to analyze your energy use and make suggestions for further savings. Now that’s a home update that pays for itself!

4. Customize Your Home

One of the best benefits of investing in smart home technology is creating a space uniquely tailored to your needs. With the sound of your voice, you can create mood lighting for any occasion or turn on the big game.

You can also customize your smart appliances to turn on and off at certain times. For instance, you can program your coffee maker to brew a fresh pot every morning at 6 am. Or you can program your HVAC system to set the thermostat to certain temperatures for different times of the day.

You can also create a setting for different occasions. For instance, ask your smart assistant to set the scene for a romantic evening in the living room. Everything from the temperature to the lighting and music will instantly adjust to your preset preferences.

5. Spend Less on Insurance Premiums

There are a few different ways that your smart home can save you money on your insurance depending on which programs your insurance company offers.

Your insurance company may foot some of the costs related to your upgrading your home. Some companies offer rebates or discounts on appliances from a  specific smart device company. You can usually find details about these deals on your insurance company’s website.

Some companies also defray your installation costs. Depending on the company’s program they may cover all or some of the installation fees.

Did you know that smart appliances can actually save your money on your insurance premiums? Some insurance companies offer monthly premium discounts for customers with smart appliances. Since you can control your security system and appliances remotely your home is safer so your premiums are lower.

6. Care for the ones you love even from far away

Smart appliances also let you take care of your home and loved ones from far away. Smart pet feeders can be programmed to feed your furry friends at specific times of the day. You can also get a pet cam to interact and give your pet treats remotely while you’re away!

Parents will appreciate that they can check in on their kids when they are with a babysitter or old enough to be home alone. Which means no more crazy parties while mom and dad are away.

This technology is also great if you have elderly relatives who live with you. You can use your smart home technology to check up on them throughout the day. This is particularly helpful for relatives with dementia or limited physical mobility.

7. Increase Your Home’s Value

It should come as no surprise that smart home technology increases your home’s value.

Smart home automation is a feature that can set your home apart from others on the market. If you’re not planning on selling anytime soon, it is still a worthwhile investment.

Pretty soon most people will have some form of smart home automation installed in their homes. Smart home features will be just one of many amenities home buyers will expect to see in your house.

8. Convenience

Imagine already preheated oven or waking up to fresh-brewed coffee. With smart home automation, these dreams can be your reality.

One of the biggest benefits of investing in smart home appliances is the convenience they provide. Your entire home can be controlled from your smartphone, or with the power of your voice.

Home assistants like Amazon’s Alexa can give your information, play music, and control other appliances in your home with the sound of your voice.

Smart home automation saves you time on menial, repetitive tasks so you can focus your energy on more important things. We all have such long to-do lists, save yourself the energy and invest in smart home technology.

9. Security

Smart homes also provide you with added security features, such as front door cameras and alarm systems you can control remotely. Smart home security systems enable you to lock your home from work and check your surveillance cameras from your phone.

Most smart security systems also come with automated pathways and outdoor lights. Now you can easily navigate your yard at night, and effectively keep intruders from lurking in the shadows.

Some security systems also have smart doorbells that come equipped with a camera and speaker system. Now you can see and speak to someone before they enter your house. It also lets you keep an eye out for deliveries or unexpected visitors when your away from home.

Ways You Can Use Smart Home Technology in Your Whole Home

technician installing smart home thermostat

Smart technology isn’t limited to one room. Your entire home can benefit from a smart upgrade.

You can automate your entire home with all the new appliances and devices available. Keep reading to see home smart technology can be incorporated throughout your entire house!

Upgrade Your Kitchen

Your smart home app can integrate with tons of different kitchen appliances and tools. Technology helps you cook more precisely and efficiently. You can monitor the process of your food or adjust your appliance settings all from the palm of your hand.

Some smart appliances can even help you stay healthy by measuring and recording the nutritional value of the food you prepare. For instance, the Alexa-compatible Nurtibullet blender can assess the nutritional content of your smoothies.

Some smart fridges can even help you plan your meals and give notify you when your food is about to spoil. This helps you save time preparing your meals and minimize your food waste. You’ll also be able to see the inventory of your fridge from your phone.

No more wondering if you’re out of eggs at the store. Now, you know exactly what you have. Some smart fridges even come equipped with fun features like music and video streaming.

You can even get an automatic pan stirrer so you can relax and watch tv while your soups and sauces are perfectly heated.

Illuminate Your Home with Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is a staple of automated home design. With the sound of your voice, you can quickly set the mood or kill the lights. Plus you can monitor your energy use from your smart home app.

Smart lightbulbs let you control the color and intensity of the light with your phone. They’re perfect for creating mood-specific lighting. Plus you get to keep the lamps you already have and love.

Smart home light switches are another great option for automated lighting. A smart light switch easily connects with other smart lighting, and it’s less expensive than smart lightbulbs.

Smart plugs are another flexible inexpensive option for lighting. Simply plug in your light and set it up through your smart home app. Smart plugs will also give you metrics on that appliance’s energy use.

Keep Things Cool With an Automated HVAC

An automated HVAC system is one of the best investments you can make for your home. Heating and cooling costs get expensive, a smart HVAC system will help reduce those costs while keeping you comfortable.

Smart thermostats come equipped with small sensors for the whole house. This allows your thermometer to monitor the temperature and humidity in your home, and adjust the temperature accordingly.

You can even get smart air ducts that let you know if there is a block or reduced airflow. So you can quickly fix the problem before it causes permanent damage.

Smart Home Settings for Kids and Pets

You can set your smart appliances to child safety mode. You can also limit your kid’s screen time on the TV or tablet, and prevent them from accessing certain sites. Smart appliances also allow you to keep a better eye on what your kids are watching on TV and doing online.

Smart cameras allow you to watch your kids in the playroom while you cook dinner downstairs. Plus you can use your smart speakers to call the kids down for dinner or send them to bed.

Get Started on Your Smart Home Upgrades Today!

technician showing customers smart home benefits on tablet

Smart home installation can save you tons of time and energy on everyday tasks. You work hard all day, it’s time your home worked hard for you. With smart home technology, you can relax and let your smart assistant do all the boring stuff.

Check to see if your HVAC system is ready to get a smart upgrade. Contact an HVAC specialist today to make sure your smart technology is compatible.

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