Top 5 Smart Home Gifts

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Posted November 27, 2017

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday right around the corner, prepare yourself for the shopping craze and pick out your favorite items ahead of time! Hiller is happy to offer our new line of smart home products including innovative technology from Google and Nest. Spoil yourself or your loved ones this holiday season with these industry-leading, smart home gifts!

1. Nest Learning Thermostat

This learning thermostat will take your HVAC system to a whole new level! This smart home product will actually learn your temperature preferences and program itself after only a week of use. Its energy-saving technology can save you up to $140/year, track how much energy you’re saving every day and even control your home temperature from your smartphone. The simple installation only takes 30 minutes, and its modern and clean appearance will blend in with any decor. This budget-conscious option is a no brainer gift! Check out our Hiller Nest page for more information

2. Nest Smoke/CO Detector

This is no ordinary smoke alarm. Nest’s Smoke/CO Detector thinks, speaks and even alerts your phone in cases of emergency. This industrial-grade smoke sensor lasts up to a decade and routinely tests itself. A friendly human voice will even give you a warning before the alarm goes off as well as a description of what part of your home the danger is coming from. This smart home gift will ensure you sleep soundly knowing your home is well-protected!

3. Nest Indoor Camera

Rely on the Nest Indoor Camera to give you peace of mind when you’re away from home. Its clear 1080p HD camera makes it easy to keep an eye on your home, family and even your pets! The camera plugs into power, so you never have to worry about dead batteries. Plus, you will even be alerted through your smartphone if Nest believes something suspicious is happening. Using this smart home gift makes home safety easier than ever; why not try it out?

4. Nest Outdoor Camera

Rain or shine, this high definition and weatherproof camera protects your home — even when you can’t! Just like the Nest Indoor Camera, it will alert your smartphone if any suspicious activity or movement is seen outside your home. Its 24/7 video feed keeps you in the loop at all times, and its built-in speaker and mic can give you the option to scare off intruders before they enter your home. Don’t we all want that peace of mind?

5. Google Home

Simplify your life with the voice-activated speaker that does it all! Powered by Google Assistant, you can use voice commands to listen to music, search Google for answers to your everyday questions, manage your daily tasks and more. This smart home gift has reliable HiFi speakers that make it easy for you to hear whatever your Google Home is saying. Welcome to the future – there’s no need for a personal assistant when you’ve got a Google Home.

Make gifting easy this year with any of these smart home products offered by Hiller, intended to protect your home and simplify your life. Whether you’re tech-savvy or not, these products from Google and Nest are easy to use and will give you and your loved ones one less thing to think about during the busy holiday season! If you’re ready to purchase and install one of these smart home gifts, make your selection here. For further help, call Hiller at 844-MYHILLER — happy gifting!

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