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Posted October 4, 2018

When you are choosing piping materials for your home or business, one of the choices is PVC. This synthetic polymer is the newest type of material that is used to make pipes for residential and commercial buildings. There are pros and cons for using PVC pipes for plumbing repairs.

PVC Pipes Are Inexpensive

If you are looking for a low-cost way to fix a damaged pipe in a building, then PVC pipes are affordable. This is because the pipes are made from a man-made material rather than sourced from metals such as iron or copper.

PVC Pipes May Leak Chemicals

Some experts believe that PVC pipes will leak dangerous chemicals into the water, and after many years of using the contaminated water, you might have health problems. PVC pipes are such a new material that it will take many years to learn if the items are harmful for human health.

PVC Pipes Are Flame-resistant

If there is a fire in a business or home, then PVC pipes are flame-resistant, helping to prevent damage to the building’s entire plumbing system. This can save you a lot of money for the repairs of a building after a fire occurs.

PVC Pipes Can Melt

While PVC pipes don’t catch on fire easily, the materials will melt. This means that if a building is burning, then the heat will melt the pipes, and during this process, dangerous gases are released into the air.

PVC Pipes Are Made In Longer Lengths

While metal pipes are often smaller lengths that are attached with numerous connectors, it is possible to find longer sections of PVC pipes, making the items easier to use in large commercial structures.

PVC Pipes Are Flexible

When a plumber needs to bend a pipe for a small area, PVC materials are the best choice. A plumber can use special equipment to heat a section of PVC pipe so that he can change its shape in only a few minutes.

PVC Pipes Degrade In Sunlight

PVC pipes will degrade from frequent exposure to sunlight, and this can lead to additional leaching of chemicals into the air or the water. If water pipes are in a location where there is sunlight, then this can lead to serious problems.

PVC Pipes Are Available In Different Colors

A plumber can use different colors of PVC pipes to organize the plumbing devices according to hot or cold water systems. This makes it easier to find a problem that is occurring in the plumbing system, especially in a larger building.

PVC Pipes Are Lightweight

When you need to install new water pipes, using heavy materials can lead to problems for a building’s structures. However, PVC pipes are extremely lightweight, making the items easier to install and preventing damage to a building’s flimsy drywall or other materials.

PVC Pipes Have Watertight Joints

A good plumber will know how to create watertight joints with PVC pipes. The application of solvents around a connector will create a seal to prevent moisture leaks.

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