How to Winterize Your Home or Houseboat

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Posted November 16, 2017

The dropping temps can have a harsh impact on your energy bills and your HVAC system. This change in weather means it’s time to start preparing for winter! With a little thinking ahead and a trip to the hardware store, you can reduce energy losses by 10-30% and set your house up for comfort and security for years to come. Our guide to winterizing your home can help you stay comfortable this fall and winter, whether on land or water.

 1Doors and Windows

One of the most significant and easy ways to save energy this winter is to stop drafts at the source. Two obvious sources of air leaks are around doors and windows. Especially in exterior doors, weather stripping is a simple fix to block air from coming in underneath doors. For windows, making sure all window frames are properly sealed is a little more time intensive but can have huge efficiency payoffs. Once you’ve located cracks, seal them or hire a certified technician to help you prevent heat loss.

 2. Pipes

Uninsulated pipes are a potential cold weather hazard that you can easily prevent! Simple pipe insulators, found at any hardware store, can help your plumbing run more efficiently and virtually eliminate worries of freezing pipes. Plus, be on the lookout for any leaking pipes and have those fixed before the freezing temps set in.

 3. Air Filters

It’s important to replace your air filters regularly to keep your home running efficiently and cleanly. Replacing air filters with an electrostatic filter can trap up to 40% more debris, helping your heating system run more efficiently while making your home cleaner.

 4. Heating Unit

It’s important to have your HVAC system, especially your heating unit, inspected by a professional for routine maintenance, sustained efficiency and the safety of your home. Small tune-ups before winter can proactively improve the performance of your heating system. Also, make sure you clear any debris or brush away from the unit outside.

5. Houseboat Items 

If you’ll be living full- or part-time on a houseboat this winter, weather-proofing becomes even more important. Many of the same tips above are applicable for houseboats as well, including making sure windows and doors are sealed well and having a professional inspect and maintain any heating and plumbing systems. Additional factors include pest-proofing, since rodents and bugs will find houseboats an ideal spot to ride out a cold winter. Consider using non-toxic antifreeze in any systems you won’t be using, such as a deck-cleaning pump.

You can never start too early! A proactive approach to protecting your home and maintaining energy efficiency this winter will create savings not only this year but for years to come. If you are ready to start your winterization preparation, contact Hiller today at 844-MYHILLER.  

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