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Posted October 18, 2018

If you are looking for an HVAC company, we hope you consider Hiller first!  However, HomeAdvisor has some valuable resources to help in your search as well. On the HomeAdvisor website, there is a text box where you enter what service you are looking for, such as HVAC, and then you push “find pros”. You will get a large list of more specific services in the HVAC field. Choose the one that applies to your situation the most.

After you choose what service you need, you will have to provide your zip code. Then, describe the nature of the project. Options are provided for you for this question, so all you will do is select one. If there are different systems or models, you will have to provide that information. You will also have the option to say when you need the service. Specifics aren’t necessary because the available options are tomorrow, the following day, in a couple weeks, or you can simply choose that you are unsure about the timing.

You will be asked if you are the owner of the property or the person responsible for making the changes. You’ll also be asked if you are looking for financing. Finally, there will be a section for you to type more information about your project. You will want to explain what you are looking for. This would be a good time to mention the problem and what you want the outcome to be.

After this last section, the information you gave will be processed and you will be prompted to enter the address the service is needed at. You will then enter your name, phone number, and email address. You will also be able to select if you want project cost information for free. Then you will be asked if you have any other home projects that you may need service for.

Now, a list of Heating & Cooling companies in your area will be provided. You can see how each company on the list is rated and see some of the reviews that have been provided. Be sure to look out for Hiller Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical as we are an elite heating repair company with HomeAdvisor! The option to invite the professionals to your home or business for a quote is available.

If you click on a business name, you will be able to see if that business has references available. You will also be able to see their credentials, affiliations, awards, community involvement, and area of expertise. The company may include some additional information, as well.

If you invite a pro to give a quote on the project, you can stay online and wait to see if they respond to your invitation right away. Otherwise, you can check back at a later time to see if the pro has responded.

HomeAdvisor makes it easy to give the information about the project, the area you live in, and offer any additional information you think will be helpful when receiving a quote. The list of pros includes rating and review information on each company, and you can choose an HVAC Company based on the information given.

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