Hiller Rolls Out New Nest Product Line

Hiller is now selling and installing Nest smart home products! Learn more today.

The evolution of the smart home has revolutionized our industry over the past five years, and at Hiller, we want to give you the latest technologies that help us serve you well. At the heart of this innovation is Nest, whose thermostats and cameras have driven industry trends and provided security advancements for customers. We’re excited to announce that Hiller is partnering with Nest to offer their incredible products to our clients!

Nest Products

We strive to offer the best and brightest in technology to our customers, and that begins with turning your home into a smart home in just a few, easy steps. Nest product line includes: 

  • The learning thermostat. It will learn your temperature preferences and program itself automatically.
  • The new Thermostat E. It is a budget-conscious option that can save users $140 a year 
  • An indoor security camera. It sends activity alerts to your phone when you’re not home.
  • An outdoor security camera. It captures high-quality video and allows you to interact with people at your door.
  • And more!

Nest Benefits

Research has shown that using Nest thermostats can save households significant amounts in energy costs, meaning the product pays for itself in just a few years. Meanwhile, Nest cameras offer innovative smart features and cutting-edge night vision technology to enhance your home’s security seamlessly. At the end of the day, Nest products will make your house a more comfortable and more secure place to live, and we’re proud to offer them!

With this new line of Nest products available with Hiller, we hope to make your life easier. It’s time to turn your home into a smart home! If you’re interested in learning more about Nest products, or would like to schedule an appointment to have a Nest product installed in your home, please contact us today at 844-MYHILLER. 

Learn more about how to program a thermostat here.


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