Back to Cool 101: Easy Ways to Prep for Fall

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Posted June 1, 2017

Prep School is in session.

How was everybody’s summer? Vacations? Pool days? Relaxing without a classroom full of kids? Ok, enough about me, haha. Let’s get started.

Take out your syllabus. Here’s what we’ll be covering this class in Back to Cool 101: Easy Ways to Prep for Fall.


Clean Your Smoke Detectors.

First things first, that A/C has been running all summer blowing dust everywhere. It’s a good idea to clean your smoke detectors by using a vacuum’s soft brush attachment. Be sure to test the detectors while you’re up there.

Vacuum Your Couches and Chairs.

Remember the dust we mentioned blowing around because of that summer A/C? Good, you should remember. That was like a minute ago. It’s the first day of school so flex those memory muscles. Anyway, go ahead and vacuum your couch and chairs to get that dust out of there.

Clean the Gutters.

The leaves are about to change colors — which is beautiful — and fall into your gutters and drainpipes — which is not beautiful. Make sure you clear the leaves and branches and anything else from your gutters so they don’t get clogged.

Drain the Water Heater.

Debris and leaves don’t just build up in your gutters. They can also collect in your water heater. Call a professional to drain your water heater, clean it and get it running smoothly for fall and winter. I’m not supposed to solicit on behalf of companies in the classroom buuuuuuuuuuut you could call that local company Hiller to take care of it. Have you heard that jingle? You want me to sing it? Ok. Ok. Ahem. Callllllllll the happy face truck… Maybe I should have taken singing lessons this summer.

Tune Up Your Heater.

Odds are it’s been seven or eight months since you last ran your heat. This isn’t a math class so I’ll tell you what Mr. Jackson the math teacher told me: that’s more than two hundred days of your heater sitting idle. Hire a professional HVAC company to come tune it up. I already sang the Hiller jingle, but I can sing it again. No? Ok. Talk to Hiller. They’ll get your heater running in tip-top shape.

Class dismissed.

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