5 Ways to ‘Go Green’ This Fall

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Posted October 23, 2017

It’s that wonderful time of year again! Leaves are beginning to fall and the colder temperatures and shorter days are here to stay. While you’re thinking about getting your home ready for winter, it’s also a great time to focus on the present – and there’s not better time than the fall to think about going green. Before settling in with your flannels and blankets, check out these fives ways to go green while leaves are turning brown.

Going Green Outside:

A couple of ways to make your home more sustainable can begin before you even walk in the door!

  • This fall, try raking leaves with a hand rake instead of a leaf blower. While it is more time consuming, you’ll save energy and money while preserving the topsoil of your yard. Plus, you’ll get a nice little workout while you’re at it!
  • Use those raked leaves as a compost pile to spread onto flower beds come springtime.
  • Replace any outdoor light bulbs with LEDs. Not only will you save energy, but it will also enhance your home’s security since LED tend to be brighter and last longer.

Going Green Inside:

Once you move inside, a handful of quick habits will benefit the world and your wallet.

  • Windows: Start by locating any south-facing windows in your home — those are typically the ones that receive the most sun. During the day, keep your blinds or curtains wide open to take advantage of the natural heat coming in. This will keep your house warmer and can keep your thermostat lower.
  • Water heater: Water heaters account for nearly 20% of your home’s annual energy costs, so any energy savings here will translate to major cash savings. Just by turning down your water heater to the ‘warm’ setting (or about 120 degrees), you’ll reduce the amount of energy the unit consumes and you’ll protect yourself from scalding hot water.
  • Water: You (and the planet) can benefit from conserving the amount of water you use. Consider things like taking shorter showers and having fewer washer cycles – it really does add up! Also, you may want to consider having a technician go over your pipes to check for hidden leaks and poor fittings, which can lead to significant water waste over time.
  • Thermostat: Make a habit of setting your thermostat around 68 while at home, and turning your HVAC off all together when you’re not around for more than a few hours. At 68 degrees, your system will run most efficiently while still keeping you comfortable, and if you’re not at home, it will save energy and the integrity of your HVAC to give it a rest. If that process seems like too much of a hassle, consider switching to a programmable thermostat, which will automatically turn off your heat during the times you’re not at home, leading to greater efficiency gains.

If you need help with installing a new thermostat, increasing your home’s efficiency, or with any other projects around the house, Hiller is here to help! Contact us today at 844-MYHILLER to get in touch with a certified technician.

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