5 Simple Ways to Save on Summer A/C

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Posted June 1, 2017

 It’s summer. It’s hot. Your air conditioning is running constantly. As the house cools, you see degrees turning to dollar signs on your electric bill. Try these tips to save a few bucks on your summer A/C without breaking a sweat.


1. Close Some Vents

Shut the vents in rooms you don’t use and aren’t located near the thermostat. Then close the doors to those rooms. The back room that originally was going to be a workout room, but now has boxes of Christmas decorations piled high. Close the vent! The office in the house no one uses. Close the vent! The guest bedroom your mother-in-law sleeps in when she comes to town. Close…errr…keep that one open.

2. Change Your Air Filters

They say to change your air filters every three months. We say: Check your air filters every month. The three-month rule might work for most, but if you have pets or kids, dust may accumulate quicker than you think.

3. Keep Cold Air Inside the House

Odds are your house is letting cold air out even without the door open. Wall insulation is key, but you can also caulk around windows and add insulation around doors. Stand outside your house when the A/C is running and run your hand along closed doors and windows to feel any potential escaping cold air.

4. Set Your Temp Based on Humidity

Your AC fan should be on high during normal hot summer days, but when it’s really humid out, set the fan speed on low. Slower air movement will help to remove moisture from the air. Science!

5. Maintenance. Maintenance. Maintenance.

Your A/C unit needs to be cared for to run in tip-top shape. Hire a professional to service it once a year. Contact us for a one-time visit or join the Happy Hiller Club for an annual plan for all your home services.

We pulled some of these tips from across the web. Check out these posts from Angie’s List, Apartment Therapy, CNET and Bankrate for more info on how to stay cool this summer.

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