20 Smart Home Devices That Will Make Your Life Easier

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Posted November 15, 2019

More than 90% of Americans own smart home devices and with good reason! Smart devices make the day to day running of your home easier.

They can save you time and money. In fact, installing smart home technology could save you up to 30 minutes every single day. On top of this, you could also save nearly $2,000 worth of bills every year.

But choosing the right devices for you is key. And the smart technology market is expanding every day. So there are now more devices to choose from than ever.

To save you some time, we’ve done the hunting for you! Read on to find out the twenty best smart home devices that will make your life easier.

1. Save Time and Money with Smart Control Thermostats

Smart thermostats are revolutionizing the way that we heat our homes.

These smart devices have movement sensors which they use to detect when activity is happening in your house. They use this data to automatically adjust your home’s heating to suit peak times.

You can set guide temperatures so your thermostat doesn’t go higher than you’d like. You’ll also be able to control your smart thermostat from the base at home. Or you can control it using the app on your phone.

smart home devices thermostat

2. Smart Technology Doorbells

These nifty doorbells let you see who’s at the door without having to get off the couch.

Each doorbell is fitted with a camera and a microphone. It sends a video from your front door to your doorbell app, no matter where you are.

Some devices record a short clip and save it online whenever someone rings the doorbell. This means you can check if someone has come to the door even if you miss the bell.

Devices, such as the Nest Hello, even employ facial recognition technology. Using this they can identify you and anyone else who visits the house regularly.

3. Make Your Home an Entertainment Hub Using Smart Speakers

Smart speakers were one of the original pieces of smart home technology that people used in their homes. Amazon first introduced the world to Alexa back in 2014.

Nowadays smart speakers go far beyond just playing high-quality music and audiobooks. You can sync them up with your other devices and use them to stay on top of life.

Want to know what you’ve got on that day? Simply hook your speaker up to your diary and ask Alexa. Or you can use them to answer questions quickly without the hassle of scrolling through Google.

4. Protect Yourself Against Water Damage with Smart Leak Technology

Household leaks are a common plumbing problem for people across America and can cause a huge amount of damage.

On average, they waste 10,000 gallons of water every year in the US. This can run up a huge financial cost for the homeowner. If a leak goes unnoticed it can also cause structural damage to your property.

A smart water monitor attaches to your pipes and uses ultrasonic technology to detect leaks throughout your system. Installation takes a matter of minutes and the smart box transmits data directly to an app on your phone. It will even send you alerts if something is wrong.

5. Upgrade Your Home’s Safety with Smart Smoke Detectors

Every home should be fitted with working smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms. And smart alarms are the best way to protect your family from these dangers.

They will tell you exactly where the danger in your home is so you can avoid it and it can work with your smart light systems to light your safe route out. Some smoke detectors also feature sensors that can detect how quickly a fire is spreading.

6. Smart Security Solutions Mean There’s No Need to Worry

The advantages of a home security system are abundantly clear. But a smart security system is a cut above the rest.

Smart security systems provide you with cameras, which you can use both indoors and outside. They wirelessly connect to an internal hub, which you can use to watch the footage. Or you can watch this online as most systems upload your recordings automatically.

If you want to make your life even easier, you can also sign up for professional monitoring packages with some systems. This means that someone else will help to run your home security software so you don’t have to keep an eye on it all the time.

7. Illuminate the Way with Smart Lighting

Another important part of smart home solutions are smart light bulbs. These mean that you can control your home’s lighting from wherever you are.

If you have a smart hub, you can even connect them to your network and control them using just your voice. Simply ask Alexa to turn off the lights and you can kiss goodbye to feeling your way back to bed in the dark.

Smart bulbs can also help you cut your energy bills down as you won’t have to worry about leaving lights on when you’re out. Or if you’re away on holiday you can turn your lights on so it looks like someone’s home to put off potential burglars!

You can install smart bulbs and switches in conjunction. But if you have a smart hub already then you can cut out the switch and use the Bluetooth installation feature to control them directly from there.

smart home devices smart lighting

8. Upgrade Your Home with Smart Control Plugs

With this gadget, you can wave goodbye to panics about leaving appliances on!

You can set timers on your smart plugs to save energy. And you can turn them off remotely if you accidentally leave something on.

If you have a lot of devices to plug in, you can save yourself money by buying a power strip. This is also a great option if you want to save money on your energy bills. It will monitor how much energy each outlet uses at a time.

9. Keep Things Cool With a Smart Air Con Unit

Smart air-conditioning units are relatively new to the smart home market. But they are developing in what they offer you fast.

The most basic air-con unit you’ll come across will mean you can control it from your mobile phone. But a more advanced unit will go above and beyond to bring you the ultimate cooling experience.

These units can coordinate with your smart lights to come on in the morning. Or you can control units in individual rooms around your home.

10. Sort Out Your Garden Using a Smart Water Controller

Smart home tech doesn’t just have to benefit the inside of your home. This simple gadget can help keep your garden looking spectacular all year round.

They easily attach onto your outdoor taps and mean you no longer have to fuss setting your sprinklers going. Simply ask Alexa to water the grass and they’ll set going!

They’ll also help you save water by sticking to strict watering schedules so you don’t have to. And you can adjust these using your phone app.

11. Keep Your Pipes Clear With the Help of a Water Monitor

The quality of your home’s water supply is extremely important. This is something you use on a daily basis, to drink, to wash and to clean your home.

A home water monitoring system will check the salt levels in your water and let you know if there’s any dangerous sediment in your water system.

A monitor will also help you stay on top of your water usage. It will tell you your peak times for water usage and help you out with handy tips on how to save water.

12. Improve Your Health With an Air Quality Monitor

Your home’s air quality is also extremely important for you and your family’s health.

A smart air monitor will let you know when there is a change in air quality in your home. It will tell you about volatile organic compounds in the air and how humid each room is.

Most devices are portable so you’ll be able to check each room in the house without buying loads of devices.

13. Stay on Top of Your Energy Usage with a Smart Monitor

Smart meters are all the rage for people wanting to stay on top of their energy usage. They’ll save you money and are great for the environment so what’s not to love?

Simply link your monitor up with your home system and it will give you regular updates on your usage. More advanced monitors can also provide you with details of which appliances use the most energy.

14. Forget Losing Your Keys Thanks to Smart Lock Systems

Often find yourself panicking about where you’ve left your keys? With a smart lock system, you won’t have to anymore!

These systems attach on top of your home locks and unlock when you approach with your smartphone. You can control the locks remotely, meaning you don’t have to be in to let someone in.

Most smart lock systems are also great for your home’s security. They will alert you if an external door opens so you can keep an eye who’s in your house at all times.

15. Kiss Goodbye to Cleaning with a Smart Vacuum

Save yourself bags of time by investing in a smart vacuum.

This nifty little gadget will navigate your rooms and get on cleaning your home so you don’t have to. Some even empty themselves!

They’re a great way to stay on top of the everyday mess of your house without taking extra time out of your house. For example, after a meal, just set it going and you can kiss crumbs goodbye!

16. Ditch the Old Remote for a Smart One

Tired of hunting for the remote every time you want to watch TV? You can combine control of your TV and smart hub by investing in a smart control.

This means that you can still use the manual control as usual. But you can also control your TV from an app on your smartphone. Or you can simply ask your smart hub to play your favorite programs.

You can even ask Alexa to turn the volume up and down without moving from the couch.

17. Stay on Time With a Smart Wall Clock

Find it difficult to keep on top of your time? A smart wall clock could be the answer to all of your prayers.

These stylish gadgets may look like your standard wall clock but they’ll go above and beyond to keep you on time. You can use your smart clock to set timers or alarms. And they will update automatically when the clocks change.

You can even ask your smart clock to let you know the weather or the time in other countries.

18. A Smart Sleep Monitor Will Help You Get a Great Night’s Sleep

A good night’s sleep has a huge impact on our health. So taking the time to nail your sleep patterns will really benefit your health in the long run.

A smart monitor goes underneath your sheets and is extremely comfy to lie on. Throughout the night it will monitor your sleep cycles and movements. Then you can check out the data to find out how deeply you’ve slept.

This means you can use it to test out new sleep routines and find out what works best for you.

19. Revamp Your Kitchen with Smart Tech

They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home and if you’re looking to update your home then there’s plenty of smart home devices for you to check out.

Make the morning routine easier with a smart coffee machine. Or simplify your weekly shop by checking what’s in your smart fridge when you’re out and about.

If you like cooking then there are loads of handy gadgets for you to check out. Smart scales will recommend recipes, convert measurements and even help you weigh out ingredients. A smart grill will help you nail the perfect dish every time by monitoring food’s internal temperature as it cooks.

Whatever you need, there’s a smart kitchen appliance to make your life easier.

smart home devices hub

20. Connect Your Home with a Smart Hub

A smart hub is an absolute must for anyone serious about creating a smart home network. This acts as a mainframe from which you can control all your smart home devices.

And there are loads to choose from. You could opt for a voice-controlled Echo or Google Assistant that doubles as a speaker. Or if you’d rather have manual control of your system then check out wall switch controls or remote controls.

Update Your Home With The Smart Home Devices!

With these smart home devices, every day will be smooth sailing. They’ll save you time and money, so you can enjoy life’s little pleasures.

Get in touch today for help installing your smart home solutions!

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