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sealing and insulating attic door hatch

How to Insulate Your Attic Door/Hatch

by Hiller on January 20, 2017

The state of your attic is one of those “out of sight, out of mind” projects. It could be that the only time you even use your attic is during the holidays when you head up to pull down the decorations. Now that all the Christmas and holiday decorations are put away, you may haveRead the full article…

how to protect heat pump from ice and snow

How to Protect Your Heat Pump from Snow & Ice

by Hiller on January 13, 2017

Homeowners everywhere have been bracing themselves for more extreme and unpredictable weather this winter season. A few particularly harsh winter days can mean two unfortunate consequences for you and your family: discomfort and expenses. However, there may be additional consequences: the adverse effects of the elements on both your home and your HVAC system. It’s importantRead the full article…

how to stop static electricity in the home

How to Reduce Static Electricity at Home

by Hiller on January 6, 2017

You walk around the house and touch the metal sink handle—shock—you grab the backyard door handle—shock—you pull down the dishwasher handle—shock! Some days it can seem like every metal item in your home gives off an electrical shock. Have you ever had this “shocking” experience? You’re not alone. Increase static electricity is common, especially in theRead the full article…

2017 resolutions for the home - cleaning and organizing

Cleaning and Organizing Hacks for the New Year

by Hiller on December 30, 2016

Christmas is now over. The wrapping paper scattered all over the living room floor has been picked up, and the holiday decorations have been boxed up and put back into the attic. Now you might be looking around the house and thinking, what now? The next step for most people is a good ol’ NewRead the full article…

energy wars - best heating system types

Energy Wars: Heating System Types | Which Fuel Is Best?

by Hiller on December 23, 2016

What can a fictional galaxy far, far away teach us about energy efficiency on Earth? Watch the Google Hangout Session with some of the experts at the Department of Energy’s National Laboratories to learn more about the Death Star’s thermal exhaust port, electron beams, and deflector shields: We can only guess what kind of energyRead the full article…

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