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  • Don’t play the summer guessing game.

    Will my air conditioning last another summer? Did I get the right kind of AC unit for my house? Should I have gone to the gym more? You’re on your own for that last one, but we’ll help you gain confidence that your house will be cool throughout the hot months.

    Quality Products & Services

    We install only the highest quality air conditioners and use only the best parts for repair. We set standards and don’t carry any systems that fail to meet those standards.

    Types of Air Conditioners

    Ductless split systems are ideal for cooling smaller spaces and individual rooms. Packaged air-­‐conditioned systems are perfect for moderate to large homes. Bigger homes need a large central air conditioning system. Hiller technicians will recommend what unit to get.

    Maintenance & Repair

    Keep your air conditioning running efficiently by having a Hiller technician perform maintenance service on it a few times a year. Think of the system like a car. It’ll last a long time if you treat it right. In the case of an unavoidable AC breakdown, we’ll repair it 24/7/365.

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